Google Pulls The Trigger On Three More Services

Google Pulls The Trigger On Three More Services

Good news everyone! Google announced today that the three of its web services will be getting the axe by mid-year.

Picnik, a photo-editing company which Google acquired in 2010 with hopes of integrating into Picasa will be shutted by April 19, “so the Picnik team can continue creating photo-editing magic across Google products,” said Dave Girouard, vice president of product management for Google, in a blog post.

Google Message Continuity, a service that backed up emails from clients’ exchange servers will soon be shown the door, despite interest by “hundreds” of businesses, pushed out in favour of adding its functionality to the Google Apps suite.

Needlebase, the data management platform you’ve never heard of, will be killed off on June 1.

In addition, Google announced that its Sky Map Android app will go open-source by mid-year, thanks to a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. [Google BlogPC World]

Image: The AP