Galaxy S III Revealed On Samsung's Support Site?

GT-i9300? That's not a valid model number! At least not yet. This piece of info found its way onto Samsung's support page a few days ago, but has since disappeared.

Given how Samsung orders it model numbers, it's safe to assume the GT-i9300 will be the next phone in its Galaxy series. Here's a run down of products and their IDs, courtesy of Ausdroid:

  • Galaxy S — GT-i9000
  • Nexus S — GT-i9020
  • Galaxy S II — GT-i9100
  • Galaxy Nexus — GT-i9250

Ausdroid reckons it'll be the Galaxy S III, which sounds like a fair assumption. Slashgear predicts a Q2 2012 arrival, but that has no bearing on when we'll see it here.

[Slashgear via Ausdroid]

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Image: Slashgear.



    photo is not workin for me :(

    Hopefully it will be announced VERY soon.. I want this to come out in Feb or March.. need an upgrade

    Expect a feb announcement with an April release in Sth Korea and a June release here in Aus

    I'm happy with my S2, not looking to upgrade any time soon. Probably won't upgrade till 2014 based on my track record with phones.

    IPhone killer for sure and I can take it over any of iProducts

    Has been taken from the site by the looks of it.

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