Fujitsu Lifebook Concept Is Ridiculous... ly Awesome!

I remember in the middle of the noughties how we all pined for the completely converged device. Something that did everything well enough that you only need to carry it. This concept from Fujitsu kind of does that, but not really, by packing a digital camera, a smartphone, and a tablet into a single laptop body.

Like a three dimensional puzzle delivered straight from tech heaven, the Lifebook 2013 concept was designed by Prashant Chandra as an entry into a design competition. The general idea is that the different computing powers within each sub device could be harnessed when plugged into the main laptop device to make it stronger. Like Voltron, except in laptop form.

Even better is the cross functionality. There's no keyboard, with the tablet device doubling as a touchscreen keyboard, as well as a second screen or digital sketchpad. The camera and smartphone can both be slotted into the front of the laptop, and depending on which one is plugged in alters the predominate function of the device.

Of course, it's only a concept, but that does nothing to stifle its desirability. Fujitsu, make it happen!

[Prashant Chandra via GizMag]

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