Customizable Chocolates Come in More Flavors Than Willy Wonka's Lickable Wallpaper

Why is it so impossible to make a tasty chocolate confection? I swear, every other one I eat is either coconut creme, lemon arsehole, or some other flavour that has no business in my mouth. These new modular chocolates however will taste exactly how I want them to — delicious.

These customisable confections are the brainchild of ECAL grad Student, Elsa Lambinet, in coordination with Swiss chocolatier Blondel. The sweets combine arrays of chocolate shells, inserts like nugat or caramel and toppings like cherries, hazelnuts, or whatever else you fancy.

"Participants get to mix and match ingredients for hours and hours as they gorge themselves on custom confectionery goodness," Lambinet said in her thesis. There's no word on whether these ingenious luxury chocolates will make it to market unfortunately. [Fastco Design]

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