Expedition White Shark: Tracking The Beast Of The Deep

Great White Sharks get a bum rap. Sure they'll blindly attack anything they think is food before swimming off in search of delicious sea lions. But who hasn't? Instead of hating on these eating machines of the sea, how about we track them and learn about their wonderful migration.

What's it do?

Expedition White Shark tracks sharks that have custom satellite tags attached to their dorsal fins. As a shark reaches the surface to scare the hell out of beach goers and sea creatures, it is geo-located by satellites hovering miles above. Scientists at the Marine Conservation Science Institute warn that the animal needs to be at the surface for a few minutes. The app even shows attacks that have attributed to the Great White shark. Awesome?

Why do we like it?

I love the ocean. I love surfing. I know the chances of being attacked by a shark are super slim. Still, an app that gives me a heads up of recent shark activity at the beaches I frequent is helpful, even if it feeds shark-attack paranoia. In reality, tracking sharks seems nerdy and I'm all for nerdy ocean information. Plus, you'll get photos and videos of sharks and a game. Actually the game sucks. Don't even bother with the game. But, the photos and videos are awesome.

Expedition White Shark

Download this app for:

The Best

Shark tracking

The Worst

Shark paranoia

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