Evolve III Maestro S: The Aussie Windows 7 Tablet That Feels Like Windows 8

Giz AU last bumped into Sydney-based Evolve III at Computex last year, and it was great to see the team involved in some of the keynotes. Fast forward to 2012, and they’re finally readying the Maestro S: A 10.1-inch (1080p) tablet that feels and acts like Windows 8, complete with swipe gestures: "…that Apple Androidy feel that Windows was missing".

Evolve III's director and CTO Warrick Dainter told news.com.au that the team worked together with Microsoft to make sure it complies with the certification.” He says it’s taken 15 internal iterations of the device to get to where they are today.

Though an actual Windows 8 tablet is planned when that OS arrives, the Maestro S has some impressive specs today: 1.5GHz Intel Z670 ‘Oak Trail’ processor, 2GB of RAM, 32/64GB solid state storage, 3G and 10-hours battery life. The Maestro S is expected to go on sale by June this year. - Thanks Adam! [Evolve III via News.com.au]

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