EmPower! Your Vision With These Electronic Glasses

Hey! Four eyes! Sick of having to tilt your head to read stuff with your bi-focals? Then you need to geek up your specs. The EmPower! glasses do just that, electronically adjusting the focal point of the glasses as quickly as you can blink your eye.

By simply tilting your head or touching your temple, the glasses activates a layer of liquid crystals in each lens to provide correction for all types of sight problems. The glasses are powered by a microchip, mini accelerometer and come with tiny rechargeable batteries which offer two to three days of use between recharges.

Perhaps the description from the EmPower! site explains it best:

Now you can adjust your vision just by living your life. With emPower!™, the first electronic-focusing eyewear. A touch of the temple or tilt of the head activates a layer of liquid crystals in each lens, instantly creating a near-focus zone. emPower! not only gives you control over your vision, it also provides wider fields of view and less distortion than progressives. Explore the site and see why emPower! is the biggest optical advance in over 50 years.

For the fashionistas, the glasses come with a selection of about 48 frames and offer transition lenses to use as sunglasses as well.

Pricing is between $US1000-$US1200, which seems expensive to me , but I've never had to buy a pair glasses...

[Lifeactived via The Gadgeteer]

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