Don’t Use Your Laptop In The Bath, Even In Ads

Don’t Use Your Laptop In The Bath, Even In Ads

Most Gizmodo readers understand the dangers of using electronic goods during bathtime. But the little kids of the world may not understand the risks, which is why the Ad Standards Bureau decided to ban this iSelect ad. But how many kids care about iSelect?

One of the complaints about the ads, according to Mumbrella:

“Some people, particularly children, may believe that it is normal to use electrical devices while in a bath. It’s just dangerous and encourages unsafe behaviour. They should think before designing such a dangerous advertisement.”

iSelect are appealing the decision, claiming it’s clearly in the realm of fantasy:

To be forced to withdraw this ad is a very disappointing result. To reiterate, we considered this execution to be an obvious fantasy.

iSelect does not support or condone potentially dangerous or unsafe behaviour in any way. And without wanting to detract from that, we believe we are no more suggesting that electronic mobile devices are used near water than suggesting that you should share a spa with your boss, fully clothed, in his office, talk to him on a mobile while he’s two feet away, while not getting wet and finding ice creams under hot water.