Dell Joins The Ultrabook Army With The XPS 13

Dell Joins The Ultrabook Army With The XPS 13

Ultrabooks! They’re the pinnacle of computing if the marketing speak out of CES is anything to go by. Dell’s the latest company to join the Ultrabook army, announcing the XPS 13 today.

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Weighing in at 1.36kg with a machined aluminium finish, Dell told us today at an event in Sydney that it was working on the machine before Intel announced the Ultrabook format. 6mm at its thinnest point and 18 at its thickest, it also boasts a Gorilla Glass screen with edge to edge glass and Intel’s Smart Connect to pull down emails while the laptop is asleep. A Dell spokesman told us they got about eight hours battery using Mobile Mark.

The XPS 13 will ship in mid-March, although Dell won’t commit to a price at this point for Australia. It will also ship with Sandy Bridge processors, although an Ivy Bridge refresh will occur once Intel gets around to announcing when Ivy Bridge chips will ship. The March shipping date is also the reason Dell hasn’t included any Thunderbolt connectivity in the laptop.

It’s a nice looking machine, but how it will compete with other Ultrabooks is yet to be seen…