Colourful Bootsies To Keep Your Feetsies Warm

Last year, a certain reporter was told to go "photograph the weather". He spent hours out in a disgusting, slushy snowstorm with inappropriate footwear. Don't end up in the same predicament and get caught stomping around in the weather unprepared like this poor frozen-toed fool.

The cold has finally arrived in the northern hemisphere, and if you don't want the frostbite our hypothetical reporter got, these Expedition Booties from Western Mountaineering should do the trick. Maybe you think they look preposterous like something that a schoolchild would wears on the playground, but don't let their colourful appearance fool you. On the outside the Gore Windstopper material will keep cold air and moisture out, European goose down fill — MUCH better than other geese, you know — traps heat in, and non-slip soles keep you from slipping and falling on your arse. $US95. [Cool Tools via Western Mountaineering]

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