Culinary Inventors, We Don't Need Any More Half-Arse Kitchen Contraptions

If you think you've come up with the next great cooking invention, I highly recommend first taking a few months and actually learning how to cook. It will save the world from stupid creations like this Portion measuring spoon.

While the person responsible for this over-reaching but underachieving utensil had the best intentions in mind — in this case reducing the number of tools you need to make a meal — the final results fall well short of revolutionising the kitchen. I mean the tiered scoop is a handy way to measure teaspoons and tablespoons with a single tool, but turning the handle into a measuring cup? That's just ridiculous.

It's hard enough filling a regular measuring cup without spilling ingredients — even if you're sober — but filling this looks harder than threading a needle. Cleaning it is probably an even bigger pain (like a dishwasher is going to reach in there) and once you start using it as a spoon again there's bound to be leftover ingredients dripping out of the end. ThinkGeek's got it for $US8, which is $US8 I'd much rather spend on takeout. [ThinkGeek]

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