Classic Koss Headphones Get iPhone Remote

The new Koss Porta Pro KTC headphones aren't exactly new. They're an update to a product that's been a mainstay since the '80s. And now you can get these retro cans with an iOS remote. It's about time.

Koss' on-ear, folding headphones have barely changed since they were first unleashed on the Walkman-rocking masses in the 1980s. They're a staple: budget-friendly, lightweight, portable headphones that look cool and sound good enough that even audiophiles approve.

That's right. Full thrusters into the future! The Koss Porta Pro KTC headphones will be out within a couple of months, and if Koss knows what's right, they won't cost a penny more than the $US50 non-iOS versions. [Koss via Engadget]

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