Charge Your iPhone With A Book

On Etsy you can find these books-turned-iPhone-docks, which might be the most awesome and unnecessary Apple accessory since TenOne's iPad stand.

Want something understated? Try the Possession dock. Want to feel shame in the morning after your third one night stand of the week? Try the Scarlet Letter dock. Or maybe you want something with some bite? In that case, you want the Jurassic Park dock, which puts your phone IN THE JAWS OF A T-REX (RAWR RAWR RAWR). I mean, yeah it's $US50, but it actually looks like a semi-tasteful way of keeping an iPhone charger on your nightstand. [Etsy]


    i bet it looks pretty stupid when your phones not charging and theres just an 30 pin connector sticking out of a book.

    $50? I could get a book for $2 from a second hand shop and I own a drill.

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