Channel 7 Newsroom Gets 3 103-Inch Plasmas

Channel 7 Newsroom Gets 3 103-Inch Plasmas

You know what makes television newsrooms more productive, more accurate and more engaging? A big-ass 103-inch plasma, that’s what. So we’re expecting something amazing from Channel 7 given that it has just installed three of them in its Sydney newsroom.

Channel 7 has recently renovated its Martin Place newsroom to include not just one, but three of Panasonic’s gigantosaurus plasma panels.The panels are there to provide a striking backdrop as the newsreaders deliver soul-crushing news several times a day.

“The Panasonic Plasma solution satisfied our requirements for an eye-catching set backdrop with excellent image quality and striking dimensions that was also flexible in terms of content,” David Lewis, Facilities Manager of Broadcast Operations at the Seven Network said.

“The challenge for us was to find a display solution that allowed our team to present a wide variety of content in any combination across all three screens simultaneously with exceptional picture quality, such as live backgrounds, live remote crosses as well as both still and moving graphics.”

I see this and all I can think is that Channel 7 should host gaming nights at its Martin Place newsroom, starting straight after the 6pm bulletin…