Casio's Really Nailed Glasses-Free 3D Photos

Casio didn't announce much at CES this year, but they are showing off a crazy 2D to 3D conversion service with results that literally make your photos leap off the page.

They're still putting out feelers as to whether or not consumers would actually want photos of their dog, cat or even holiday shots converted to extruded 3D sculptures. And while the reception of the service seemed lukewarm at their booth, I just think they're showing it off at the wrong trade show. If they stick around for another week or so and demo this at the Adult Entertainment Expo with — um — different content, I guarantee they'll get everyone's attention.

And check out that freaked out 3D kitten in the gallery. That's basically what every Gizmodo writer looks like by the end of the show. [Casio]

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