Cannabis Mouth Spray Being Trialled In Sydney

Cannabis Mouth Spray Being Trialled In Sydney

If you’re addicted to pot and looking for a way to give it up, a new trial into a cannabis mouth spray could have you drug free shortly, even if you do end up with Mary-Jane breath.

There’s next to no information about the trial in the original report other than the fact that the trial is taking place in Sydney and Newcastle using a drug called Savitex. A quick Wikipedia search shows that the drug is actually derived from the cannabis plant itself, and has been trialled as a pain relief medication for MS sufferers in the UK.

Locally though, it’s all about getting people off the drug. Let’s hope it works.

[Sky News]

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Of course, Marijuana isn’t physically addictive — more behaviourally. Other research has suggested that it might cause problems like social anxiety, depression and memory impairment.

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