Canadian Man Uses An iPad To Get Through US Customs

If you're thinking of travelling overseas any time soon, go and get your passport, scan it and insert a digital copy onto your iPad. It might just save you if you happen to lose the real thing, as a Canadian man discovered over Christmas.

Montreal resident Martin Reisch was about two hours from home, heading to the States to drop off some Christmas presents to friends when he realised he'd left his passport at home. Rather than turn back, he decided to try and get through using a digital copy stored on his iPad. Even though the border official was slightly annoyed, he let him through. Even more interesting is that the Canadian officials also let him through on the way back.

It's important to note that Reisch was making a land crossing, so there wasn't quite the same level of invasive security to check he wasn't a terrorist. He also had his drivers license with him to help confirm his identity. Even though he made it through, the chances of the same thing happening again are slight, especially for Aussies arriving from a long-haul flight.

Still, probably best to have a copy stored digitally anyway. Just in case.




    It's always a good idea to make copies of all your travel documents before going overseas. Even if you just have access to them via gmail or something.

    and make sure you not only have copys on your tablet but also on your phone and maybe a little usb drive on your keyring.

      As someone who is about to embark on a 2 year international adventure, I endorse this product and/or service.

      All travel documents (passports, flight itineraries, travel insurance docs, contact numbers, etc) should be copied and stored on as many accessible devices or storage mediums as possible, not just gmail.

        Yep Absolutley.
        The best peice of advice ever, lets all put copies of our passports, drivers licenses etc etc on our tablets, so when our tablet gets stolen the thief can also have our identity.

        This is a ridiculous article!

        1. Gizmodo should hire a researcher to their staff list, there is no way this ever happened with US border security as tight as it is these days. What he couldn't possibly be a terrorist, they don't use iPads.

        2. This is completely irresponsible for a tech publication to be advising you keep your most important documents used to identify you on a completely insecure device such as a tablet.
        While we are at it why don't we all get a tag with our address on it and put it on our key ring so people can return our keys if we lose them, oops why is my house empty!

          Hey douchebag.
          Talk to Sydney Morning Herald, Fairfax and Associated Press.
          It happened. That's why it's news.
          Now find a new site to troll. Bye bye.

          Correct -

          And yes, it's a pretty bad idea to store private information on things like tablets/phones/laptops when they're insecure.

    And don't forget to bring a towel.

    Don't forget your toothbrush

    Hahahaha. Ya towel is probably the most important item.

    Border security between Canada and the US surely isn't that strict anyway. I went to Mexico from the US and back again in July and it wasn't a big deal about documents (long lines though), so if it wasn't there, then...?

    Just came back from the states a couple of months ago. Funnily enough, I had all of our docs stored locally on my phone, iPad and computer as well as in dropbox. Didn't need them but figured it can't hurt.
    I've had a scan of my license, Medicare and birth certificate in my dropbox for ages.

    I love that not everyone got the hitchikers guide to the galazy comment in towelies comment

      It's actually a South Park reference

    I call BS on this. Border control between the US and Canada might not be as strict as other places, but still I can't imagine them letting someone use an image of a passport in place of the real thing. Just think of the potential for abuse/forgery?

    You can also just use your driver's licence to cross the border. Im a Canadian and I have used my DL to cross the border loads of times.

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