Bodum's Automatic Coffee Machine Is Better And Prettier Than Yours

OK, it's official: Pourover coffee is over, thanks to Bodum's new pourover machine. Just kidding. Sort of. But Bodum's new Bistro Pourover is one supremely interesting home coffee device.

Not because it'll deliver a cup of coffee that'll murder what your favourite barista's tattooed arms wring out of a really delicious coffee from Honduras with a fancy water kettle and ceramic dripper, or even Starbucks' secret pourover bot, but because Bodum speaks truth when it asks, "Has there ever been a coffee system in more dire need of re-invention than the drip system?"

The problem with the automatic dripper machine that is probably sitting on your counter -- or least one of the problems -- is that except for perhaps Technivorm's $US250 machine, they don't deliver water that's hot enough to correctly brew coffee, and the temperature is about as stable as Ron Paul's mental condition. Which is what makes Bistro interesting: It promises water "over" 90C -- 90.5C-96C is the magic range -- along with a spiral heating element that minimises heat loss for a more stable brew temperature.

The other key thing it promises is an even distribution of water over the coffee bed -- necessary for an even extraction. (Check the spent coffee grounds in your brewer; if they're sloped or angled weirdly, your machine probably isn't distributing the water evenly.)

If it manages to evenly distribute water at the correct temperature and keep it stable, then yeah, it's going to kill whatever machine you have on your counter. The only real ding I have is that it uses a titanium-plated stainless steel filter instead of paper, so you're going to wind up with more body than clarity, but that's a personal preference. Oh, and it's $US250. But this could well be the best home drip machine on the market right now, outside of the Technivorm. It's certainly prettier. And good taste isn't cheap. [Bodum via Mike White]



    You obviously lack judgment. critical skills, logical thinking and general awareness if you think Ron Paul is unstable.

      That reaction was completely excessive. Calm down, it's a joke.

      "It will help poor people who need jobs. Minimum wage is a mandate. We're against mandates so why should we have it? It would be very beneficial."
      - Ron Paul

    Let me know what it's like once you've tried it. Seriously, it might even help your review if you actually get your hands on one first.

    I mean, most people buy expensive products based on recommendations from people who've never used one, but that's for chumps. I bought my car based on a friend who'd heard about it telling me that it went faster than the speed of light.

    Turns out it didn't. But that's just an isolated example, I'm sure.

    Filtered coffee is terrible regardless of how good the machine is... This has to be from the American site right?

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