Beautiful Pictures Created Using Rubber Stamps

Every artist has their preferred medium: charcoal, oil paint, maybe even an iPad if you're David Hockney. But for Federico Pietrella, there's nothing quite like the squish of rubber stamp on paper.

The Italian artist, born in Rome and now based in Berlin, builds up layer-upon-layer of ink using date stamps to create surprisingly intricate images. It's a bit like a modern take on pointillism fuelled by a scrabble through the stationery cupboard.

In fact Pietrella works in other office-bound media, too, including photocopies, but these date stamp images are his most striking. On the off-chance that you're passing though, Pietrella opens an exhibition starting this weekend at Galleria Civica G. Segantini in Arco, Italy. Otherwise, take a look at his website. [Federico Pietrella]

Images: Artribune.

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