Australia The World’s Facebook Bullying Capital

Australia The World’s Facebook Bullying Capital

Australians are a competitive bunch, which lets us punch above our weight at international sporting events. But one thing we’re a little too good at apparently is Facebook bullying.

According to a study by the Ipsos Social Research Institute, of the 24 countries surveyed, Australia was the worst place for bullying over social networks like Facebook, and fifth overall for bullying online.

According to Ispsos director Ryan Williams, the study showed that Aussies aren’t quite as amicable on social networks as they are in chat rooms or on mobiles:

“According to parents, Australian children were less likely to experience bullying in an online chat room, via email, or on their mobile phone, compared to global averages -– but were more likely than any other nation to experience bullying via social networking sites, such as Facebook.”

It’s not really a stat to be proud of. Remember that if you or your kids are the subject of bullying online, Kids Helpline is always there to help…