ATM Gives Out Dead Mouse After Delivering Cash

You know the economy is really going to bloody hell when ATMs start to pay bank customers with dead rodents, which is exactly what happen to Gholam Hafezi, the guy in this photo. He got his cash and dead Mickey here.

Gholam Hafezi wanted to take out 700 Swedish Kronor from this ATM. "I got my 700 kronor but I never got the receipt. At the same time, I saw a cord that was jamming the ATM slot." You know where this is going.

Hafezi didn't at the time. He thought somebody may be trying to do something illegal, so he pulled the cord. He then discovered it was a mouse tail.

The ATM was located at a Coop Forum -- a famous Swedish chain -- supermarket. He ran to customer service and asked for help. They told him that the ATM was not his responsibility but the guys in charge of the shopping carts offered their help. One of them was able to take out the whole mouse: "He took out the mouse. His head was intact although a little bit bloody. Then I got my receipt."

Poor Mickey. [Forkbladet]


    Gives you confidence in the supermarkets hygiene behind it doesn't it?

    He only asked for help because he wanted his receipt

    It was probably a gift for all the attention. Ever owned a cat or dog?

    It's the latest thing in banking. Receipts, printed with the blood of mice!

    Saves on ink!

    Ahah! But could the mouse survive in the mountain dew.. err.. wait.. different thing.. :)

    Sadly, the rest of the mice had to resume working at the rat race to keep that ATM powered.

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