Are These Really Melbourne's Most Entertaining Wireless SSID?

Naming your SSID is a right of passage for a geek. And increasingly it's becoming a right of passage for the non-geeks too. The Age has listed 10 of Melbourne's most entertaining Wireless SSIDs, and while some are great, I have a feeling yours will be a lot better.

Among the names used in the Age piece are "ASIOSurveillanceVan", "YourKidsAreUgly", "BeNice2UrNeighbours", and "Pretty fly for a wi-fi".

While Gus took a look at some of the quirkiest names you could use on Lifehacker last year, I'd love to know not only what Wi-Fi SSID you use, but why? Are you trying to scare off potential leechers? Are your neighbours annoying perverts? Or do you just want to be unique?

[The Age]

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