Apple's iBook 2 Textbooks Arrive Today... Or Not

Algebra, biology, geometry — these have never been particularly exciting words when it comes to textbooks, but that could change today. Apple's attempt at reinventing learning is officially online and ready for download — with each title offered at only 15 bucks.

Giz AU note: As you can see in the screenshot above, we can't actually see any textbooks in the AU iTunes store yet. It shouldn't be too long before we see something though, since Apple has made the splash page available to us.

So far the iTunes selection includes the aforementioned titles, along with E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth (free!), Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics.

Apple's clearly starting with the fundamentals here, and publishing partners look to be limited to McGraw-Hill and Pearson. But this library should be fleshed out very fast, very soon. [iTunes]

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