Apple Hiring For New Brisbane Store

Apple's next Australian store will be in Brisbane's CBD — either that, or there'll be a bunch of blue-shirted geniuses wandering around the centre of Brisbane looking for a store. To get it out of the way, Apple has yet to comment on rumours and speculation as I'm sure they'd put it, but then, there's a listing on Apple's Australian jobs site that specifies jobs for a new store for Brisbane which is, as these things go, something of a dead giveaway. According to the Apple-obsessive folks over at MacTalk, that's most likely to be as part of a redevelopment proposal for MacArthur Chambers in the Brisbane CBD, a suggestion we've reported on previously.

Apple also has a listing for yet another additional Sydney store — but as yet, Adelaide remains completely (official) Apple store free. I know more than a few Adelaide residents who are likely to be a bit miffed by that. [Apple via MacTalk via Brisbane Times]

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