Anonymous Goes On Megaupload Revenge Spree

Anonymous has sure been quiet lately, but today's federal bust of Megaupload riled 'em up good: a retaliatory strike against has left it completely dead. is reporting the department's site as universally nuked, and an Anonymous-affiliated Twitter account is boasting success. This is almost certainly the result of a quickly assembled DDoS attack, and easily the widest in scope we've seen in some time. If you had any doubts Anonymous is still a hacker wrecking ball, doubt no more.

The combination of the hacking nebula's SOPA animosity -- they've been a vocal opponent of the bill since its inception -- combined with today's sudden Megaupload news has made the group bubble over: hundreds upon hundreds of Anon operatives are in a plotting frenzy, chatting about which site will go down next. In Anon's eyes, the government and media interests are responsible for the undue destruction of Megaupload (and the arrest of four of its operators), so it'll be exactly those entities that are feeling the pain right now. Pretty much every company that makes movies, TV or music, along with the entirety of the federal government, is in Anonymous' crosshairs.

Update: Anonymous says they've also knocked off the RIAA's site -- looks down for us at the moment as well.

Update 2: Universal Music Group has also fallen off an e-cliff.

Update 3: Goodbye for now,

Update 4: Affected sites are bouncing in and out of life, and are at the very least super slow to load. Anon agents are currently trying to coordinate their DDoS attacks in the same direction via IRC.

Update 5: The US Copyright Office joins the list.

Update 6: This Anon sums up the mood in their "official" chat room at the moment:

Danzu: STOP EVERYTHING, who are we DoSing right now?

Update 7: Russian news service RT claims this is the largest coordinated attack in Anonymous' history -- over 5600 DDoS zealots blasting at once.



    this means.. war?

      I hope so, i wish they were somehow able to increase the voltage throughput on the DOJ servers and fry them, hopefully taking down their buildings in a clensing fire at the same time.

      Man i happy i left america all those years ago.

        Hell if hackers could remotely turn PCs into grenades back in 2000, anon should certainly be able to do it now!

          Forgot link:



    This put a smile on my face :)

    rofl GG /b/ros

    sounds like the ending to Fight Club with all the buildings going down

      Hello??? Spoiler alert!

        Hey, calm yourself. Everybody is dead in the end, so it doesn't matter.


    I'm sorry, but this kind of behaviour does not help anyone.

    What do you think the American government and other affected organisations will do?

    Oh, that's right, concoct a bill that makes SOPA look like internet utopia in comparison. And this time, they'll have a reason to ignore the people - a conceived threat from the internet.


      over my dead body. millions of people would rise up against that kind of bill, at least i hope so.

        No Millions of "Internet Users" would rise up against that bill. "Internet Users" are not real people, they don't vote.

          no, real people would get pissed off and worried about a bill like that. What if i made a bill that said the police can come into your house at any time, without reason or warrant and take your electronic devices.

          I think you would not be ok with that.

            Like how all these "Real People" are getting pissed off about ACTA, or the secret talks our government is having with the Content Industry, or perhaps proposed changes to anti-terrorism laws?

            Didn't america already pass a law that lets the fed's take people off the street?

            NDAA already got passed dude.

              That's the NDAA, yes it was passed.

        I don't think you understand how ignorant the general public is about these issues - and generally doesn't care.

        All they have to do is propose the bill, mention cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, make vague claims about Anon using wikipedia, mention that they're protecting kids... And the tech illiterate won't lift a finger.

        I think that this could have a positive effect, but not the one intended. I doubt it will happen, but it would be great if our leaders see this huge hack attack and realize that this kind of legislation would only stop small or accidental offenders, but the people who they're actually trying to stop now (i.e. talented hackers) will just find ways to get around whatever effects SOPA & PIPA would have.

    Anon agents? Really? Agents?

      agents of the free

    DDoS their websites? Because I'm sure that will greatly effect their operations. Are these people really that naive?

      A website of a massive company goes down, and they lose thousands every minute. Yes, it will effect their operations.

        These websites are not used for eCommerce, it's information only. It's also not a prolonged attack, you're talking about hours max.

      Are you that naive to think that they aren't affected by traffic ad revenue, people using the website for their work and people viewing the website for information?

        The websites in question would have so little traffic it's not funny, you can tell this by how easy it is to DDoS them. Combine that with the fact these websites are down for what amounts to a couple of hours, and they really don't care. It's nothing more than a few kids being little shits.

      Its the Internet equivalent of standing in front of their offices blocking people from entering.

      How effective that is is anyone's guess.

        It's probably closer to the equivalent of someone stopping people handing out flyers for your company, for a could of hours. You can still conduct business just fine, people can still contact you, and all your operations run just like before. It's just you don't have something to show people who enquire about your company.

      They're using the skills/knowledge they have to make a stand. Good on them.

        No skills or knowledge required for the LOIC that these people are so fond of. Just follow the instructions on a post somewhere, which go something like, download LOIC, type in this IRC channel into it, done.

        That was supposed to be a reply to Cameron. I guess it works here too.

    if they can block /censor search results or shut down domains before these powers, what will they be able to achieve with the new legislation? Where to next freedom of information

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 ?

    that help?

    what these companies don't realize is why piracy happens, because they try to sell there crap at first very high markup price, second they half ass on everything now days. there is no quality only corporation greed.

    if they make everything cheaper and produce quality stuff, i bet piracy wold go down significantly.

      They key to beating pirates is to provide a better service then they are, something companies won't/don't understand.

        well that as well but lets not forget how much everything marked up.
        eg: i used to work for best buy, they sold dr dre headphones for 400bucks in my area. but bought one pair of those for $35 and $5 for shipping. so the rest $360 was complete profit. so many games, software, music disc, movies and anime is just plain overpriced, not mention some of it has bad quality and like you said bad service.

          LOL Gundam speaks the truth, i too also work for retail, i find it funny when custormers rave on about how good a sale is when in reality they are still geting ripped off, Items are market up sometime but 200% and we usualy bulk buy things to get better prices.. dosent mean the rrp will go down just means more profit for the big guys. So yes we are all getting ripped off, i cringe when i have to buy consumer goods knowing that i am getting ripped (if i have to)

        Its pretty tough to offer a price lower than $0 though

          Please note; better service, not lower price.

          I don't want to have to enter 6 different activation keys when I want to play BF3, whislt creating two separate accounts and having download a new client to download the game.

          Keep the price, just put some god damn faith in the consumers who buy your goods. Also, cutting from that 200% profit margin may do some good.

    Its glad to see that there are still some heroes in today's society.

    Hello again

    I like the idea, but this doesn't seem especially effective.

    About time!!

    isn't it like midnight in the US right now?? Do it during business hours, and go for more than just the face websites.

    I don't see the point.

    really no point in taking down these sites. its not as if they do any business over the site. hardly effective

    Good Job guys!
    Operation Megaupload in pictures:

    I agree with Matt, I'm find to pay for my stuff, as long as the service exists and it's decent quality. I downloaded heaps of tunes before iTunes became ubiquitous. Now I buy everything online. It's secure, fast, and has a reliable level of quality that works for me. I've spent thousand over the past few years because of this. If they provide a good service that works, I don't think people mind paying (within reason)

    I don't know about you but I appreciate the cyber geeks who are defending my freedom, in their own nutty way.

    hell yea! GO ANONYMOUS!!! i really hope they can pull it off..since it's all BS...SOPA/PIPA were junk + MU arrest was unfair + I don't think swizz he has any legal connections to MU...imo it was all fabbed up to get other celebrity endorsements.

    p.s. looks like someone is pissed - FBI vs ANONYMOUS video:

    way to lose your last shred of credibility, anon

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