Android-Themed Manga Comic Breaks Down The Drama

Android-Themed Manga Comic Breaks Down The Drama

The world of Android is complicated. One company hates another, some are secretly sharing beds… my God, it’s just like high school! Well, a Manga arteeest took that concept and ran with it: welcome to Sweet Android High School.

The comic, which runs on extra editions of the Japanese PC magazine “Weekly ASCII” centres around a group of sexy high school girls, who are each named after manufacturers and supposedly have similar personalities. Damn Samsung, you so sassy! The girls’ teacher, Google, actually married Moto-Laura-chan, but “as the teacher has a policy not to give precedence to her, everyone tends to forget about the marriage.” Ha!


The comic also features Japanese companies Sharp-chan (Sharp), Fuji-Toru-chan (Fujitsu-Toshiba) and Kashio-Nko-chan (Casio-NEC), who aren’t quite as tightly bound to Google, and therefore display a lot of anxiety. Meanwhile there’s Apple-kun, standing off to the side, looking smug in a black turtleneck. The comic takes what’s really happening in the world of Android and breaks it down into comic form, for example the revelation of Ice Cream Sandwich, and the launch of the Galaxy Nexus.

Manga is not really my thing, but if you have a penchant for comics, Android news, and boobies, then I just found you your new hobby. You’re welcome. [Asiajin via The Next Web]