Android Developer Labs Hitting Sydney And Melbourne

Android Developer Labs Hitting Sydney And Melbourne

If you’re an Android developer wanting to get an insiders view on how to improve your efforts on the open source marketplace, Google is hosting Developer Labs events in Sydney and Melbourne, starting next week. Sign up!

The Melbourne event is happening on Tuesday January 31, while Sydney will host its own event on Friday February 3. Our Kiwi cousins also get a look in with an Auckland event on Wednesday February 8.

The Labs are designed for accomplished developers – sorry, no n00bs, apparently – “who want to learn the best practices for building truly world-class Android apps. Ideally, developers will enter an ADL with a good app that has already garnered some success, but leave with a great app that will appeal to Android users everywhere.”

You can register for the events here, although only the best of the best applications will get to enjoy the ability to enhance their apps.