Amazon's Silk Browser Might Just Run On More Than The Kindle Fire

When the Kindle Fire arrived, the Amazon Silk web browser received much hype for its ability to use the cloud for processing and rendering power, thus making the web experience smoother on the $US200 device. But apparently it can run on more than just Amazon's tablet.

TyHi, a member of the XDA Developer forums, posted instructions and all the necessary files for copying the browser over to another device. All in all, the process appears to be simple (rooting your device looks like the hardest step). Users have said that the browser runs on devices such as the Atrix and Droid X, though an official compatibility list has yet to be issued (if ever). Of course, this is all very very bootleg, so proceed with caution. [XDA via Android Soul via Electronista via Ars Technica]

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