All These Waterproof Gadgets Are Making Me Wet!

We've been beating the drum for waterprof gadgets for some time now. (That our fearless leader Joe Brown is a fly fisherman may have a little bit to do with this.) Well, they're finally starting to arrive in promising numbers.

While you can't exactly say that it's overwhelming, they're here, sprinkled throughout the show floor with regularity. We've spotted phones, cameras, camcorders, even a tablet. At one booth, we found a company that uses nanomaterials technology to add a waterproof layer to your exiting phone. I'm in love with that idea.

For the most part, these are from companies you don't know (TechFaith, anyone?) with Samsung and Fujitsu being notable exceptions. And while it's not a trend (yet) there are enough out there that I think it's safe to say you're going to see a bundle of waterproofed electronics. It's safe to go back in the water again.

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