All The Latest Tech Gear You Need To Know About

All The Latest Tech Gear You Need To Know About
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CES is now behind us, but in its wake is a cavalcade of fantastic new tech gear. We covered it all during — and in the past week since the show — and compiled this handy list to keep you up-to-date. Without further ado, here are the new phones, headphones, tablets, televisions, laptops, cameras, lounge room AV gear, desktops and speakers you need to know about!


HTC Titan II Hands On: Giant Windows Phone Gets 16MP Camera and LTE
Nokia Lumia 900 Hands On: Best Windows Phone Made More Awesome
Sony’s New Xperia PlayStation Phones Hands-On
Eyes On Fujitsu’s Waterproof, Quad-Core Superphone Prototype
Motorola Droid 4 And RAZR MAXX Hands-On: Two Giant Leaps For Droidkind
How the Samsung Galaxy Note’s Stylus Works
Motorola’s Releasing Intel-Powered Androids Later This Year
Hands-On With The First Intel-Powered Phone You Can Buy (In China)
LG’s Spectrum Smartphone Beats Retina Display
LG Can Help You Ditch Your Work Phone Using A Virtual Android OS


Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones: When $US1000 Cans Sound Worth It
Hifiman HE-400 Ears-On: Planar Magnetic Drivers Bring Bass And Clarity
Parrot’s New Headphones Are Mighty Purty
Audio Technica’s Solid Bass Buds Are Ready For Your Beats
Watch Xzibit Pimp Monster’s Game T1 Headset
Sharkfin Promises Custom-Fitted Earbuds For $5
Sennheiser Amperior Headphones Are DJ Cans For The Street
Will Polk’s Noise-Cancelling Headphones Sound As Sweet As Polk Speakers?


Acer Iconia Tab Hands-On: You Might Start Wanting An Android Tablet Soon
Sony Tablet P Hands-On: Twin 5.5-Inch Screens
This Nvidia Tablet Is Why Windows 8 Will Be Awesome
Lenovo IdeaTab S2: Transforming ICS Tablet Is A Beauty
The Weirdest Tablets From CES
Watch The Asus Transformer Prime ‘Play’ Skyrim
You’re Going To Need A Fat Wallet For Toshiba’s Super-Thin Tablet
Lenovo Yoga: This Windows 8 Ultrabook Moonlights As A Tablet
7-Inch Asus Tablet Has Tegra 3 Power For US$250
Hands On With Vizio’s Edgy New Android Tablet
Hands On The $US170 ViewSonic Tablet I Wanted To Love
I Just Held The Future Of PC Gaming In My Hands And It’s Called Project Fiona
It’s Not CES Without Slightly Better Asus Tablets
Samsung’s 7.7-Inch Galaxy Tablet First With AMOLED Plus Screen
Splashproof Tablet Serves Up Hot Recipe Action
Acer’s Next Iconia Tab Features 1080p Display
The First Pictures Of The $100 OLPC Tablet


The Future Of TV Is Beautiful, Simple And Good
My Eyes Orgasmed When I Saw The Samsung Super OLED TV
Sony’s New HDTVs Are Your Excuse To Watch Everything In 3D
Behold Lenovo’s Android-Based Idea TV
Panasonic’s New Plasmas Are Built For The 99%
Samsung’s New TVs Beat Apple To The Voice And Facial Recognition
Eyes-On Sony’s Insane Crystal LED Prototype TV
Eyes On Sony’s Latest Glasses-Free 3D TV: They’re Getting There!
Samsung’s Voice-And-Face-Recognising Smart TVs Kind Of Suck
Qualcomm Puts Quad-Core Processor In TV
LG’s 84-Inch Ultra-Def TV Won’t Fit Anywhere
Sharp’s 8k TV Is Like Standing In The Presence Of A Wrathful God
LG’s Eye-Poppin’ OLED TV Is Amazingly Thin
LG Throws Two Double-Brained Google TVs Into The World
LG’s New TV Fleet Tries To Make 3D Not Suck


Acer Aspire S5 Hands-On: Ultrabooks Are About To Get Really Good
HP Envy 14 Spectre Hands-On: Speedy Ultrabook Covered In Glass
Intel’s Ultrabook Army Enlists Voice And Gesture Commands
Dell XPS 13: Carbon Fibre Makes This Ultrabook Light And Sturdy
Putting My Hands On Vizio’s New Machines Gave Me Computer Envy
Origin’s Insane New Gaming Laptops Are As Fast As They Are Pretty
Hands On The Lenovo X1 Hybrid That Quasi-Runs Quasi-Android
Lenovo’s Y-Series Laptops Can Handle All Your Multimedia Demands


Nikon D4 Hands-On: The Photographer’s Newest Deadly Weapon
Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Hands-On: Intoxicatingly Simple
Canon G1 X Hands-On: This Is Not Your Dad’s Point-And-Shoot
Nip/Tuck Your Friend With The Olympus VR-340
Canon’s Facial Recognition Focuses On Friends And Ignores Strangers
Liquid Image’s Tiny HD Ego Cam Streams Your Stupid Stunts
I Don’t Think I Want Polaroid’s Android Point-And-Shoot Camera Yet
New Canon ELPH: Tiny And Cheap Just Got Fast
GoPro Straps A Tiny Wi-Fi Backpack To Its Camera So You Can Livestream Your Stupidity
Hands-On With JVC’s 4K Video Camera
Tomaggo Snaps One-Click 360-Degree Photos
Will Samsung’s Zoomy, Wi-Fi Cameras Beat Out Your Smartphone For Your Love?
Canon G1 X Is The Biggest, Fastest, Baddest PowerShot Yet

Lounge Room

Sony 3D Headset HMZ-T1 Hands-On Video, Aussie Pre-Orders Begin ‘Soon’
Sony Google TV 2.0 Box Video Hands On: NSZ-GS7 Could Hit Oz Mid 2012
Sony’s 4K Home Projector Eyes-On: Just Like A Theatre Projector
The Best-Looking 3D Glasses Are From A Company You’ve Never Heard Of
Ubuntu TV Could Be In Your Living Room This Year


I Used Windows 8 With My Eyes And It Made Me Believe In Technology Again
For The First Time In Years, Your Next PC Will Be Amazing
Lenovo’s A720 Might Be The Multitouch All-In-One PC Of Our Dreams
Samsung’s Chromebox Is Coming Mid-2012, But Who The Hell Is It For?
Give Your Phone A 23-inch Touchscreen With ViewSonic’s New Monitor

Speakers and Audio

Sony’s First Android Walkman Headed To Australia
Bang & Olufsen Joins AirPlay Party With BeoLit 12 Wireless Speaker
Two Rhinos Lost For Every Spinnaker Speaker Set
Klipsch’s Portable AirPlay Speaker Looks Ready To Blow Eardrums
Behringer Blasts Your Music Everyday You Want It With New Docks
Harman Kardon’s New Home Theater Gear Is BMW Expensive
Sony’s Supersized Network Speaker Adds More Boom To Your Living Room


Belkin’s WeMo: Home Automation For Dummies
Hy-Fi: Crappy Wi-Fi Signal Ruining Your Streams?
Griffin Twenty Is The Prettiest Way To Use AirPlay



Belkin Wemo Power Cord’s Bulge Is A Bluetooth Kill Switch
Sony Smart Watch Lets You Monitor Your Xperia From Your Wrist
Hands On: Turn Your iPhone Into A PSP With iCade Mobile
Hands-On With $US3000 Worth Of Flash Drive
Withings’ New Scale Tracks Your Baby’s Baby Fat


Musical Instruments

Gibson Firebird X: The First Digital Guitar You Won’t Hate
iPad Instruments: Ion Audio Helps You Learn Piano, Drums and Guitar
Blue’s Hot iOS Studio Mic Will Make Your Sorry Skills Sound Good
Turn Your iPad Into A Music Studio With Griffin’s New MIDI Gear



Eyes On The Kyobo Ebook Reader And Its Mirasol Display
SolarKindle Cover Keeps Your Kindle Charged For Up To 3 Months