Adorable Plant-Inspired Solar Lights Charge By Day, Shine By Night

If you're prone to unintentionally killing plants, these Petal solar lights from Mohzy might be a good way to ease back into gardening. You'll still need to ensure they get plenty of sunlight, but won't die if you screw that up.

Instead, if you've planted them in the wrong place — which just involves jamming their plastic stems into the ground — they won't get enough sunlight to charge and simply won't automatically turn on at dusk. So you don't need to dig up a deceased plant afterwards, you just need to move them.

With a healthy day's exposure to the sun, the Petal's LED lights will illuminate your garden until they automatically switch off at dawn. And it looks like the large plastic leaf that helps these blend in with the rest of your garden doubles as a reflector, subtly increasing the amount of light they put out in the evening. Available soon in regular and adorable mini sizes. [Mohzy via Cool Hunting]

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