Acer Iconia Tab Hands-On: You Might Start Wanting An Android Tablet Soon

Acer's new quad-core, mega-resolution tablet is packing 1080p and some serious guts. It might be the turning point for when the average Android tablet is actually worth a damn.

It feels lighter in the hand than the Transformer Prime, and the rubberised body gives it a more durable feel too — like you can set it on a rough table and not worry about it. There's minimal lag to the ICS interface (Acer's select-wheel addition to Android isn't overly intrusive), and it feels very responsive. We also loaded up a bunch of games and tested again, and the 1GB of RAM kept everything running smoothly.

Then there's the screen. It looks great (we saw Transformers and a few games looking gorgeous), but not so much more than on the Transformer Prime or the iPad 2. It's gorgeous, but a lot of the media that's consumed on tablets is streamed at a lower resolution.

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