7-Inch Asus Tablet Has Tegra 3 Power For US$250

7-Inch Asus Tablet Has Tegra 3 Power For US$250

There aren’t a lot of secrets left about Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core mobile guts; after all, it’s already been on shelves in the Transformer Prime for weeks. In fact, the only question left has been what other devices we’ll see it in.

Welp, here’s your answer: a 7-inch, quad core tablet for $US250. It’s 60Hz, all-day battery life, and “the best camera out there,” according to Asus. It looks an awful lot like this morning’s MeMO, except with Tegra 3 running the show.


Nvidia also promoted a technology called DirectTouch, which is what that secret fifth core is for. It’s a “buttery smooth” touch experience, that the company claims is going to be far more responsive than a traditional touch experience. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some hands on soon to see how big a difference we’re really talking about.

I’m still not sold on that size as a form factor, but getting that much more horsepower for just fifty bucks more than a Kindle Fire? That’s a might tempting proposition.