180,000 Tiny People Are Holding Up This Floor

Stand on the shoulders of giants? Pshh, how about on the hands and heads of 180,000 very tiny people. This incredible art piece lets you do the latter and look down upon your new helpful friends.

This work, entitled The Floor, is a stunning piece created by South Korean artist Do-ho Suh. It is made of thick sheets of glass and more than 180,000 small PVC figurines. You can walk on it and see the world as Godzilla does. But are these little people benevolently holding you up, or are they just trying not to be crushed? That is a question you must answer yourself, my friend.

If you happen to be in Singapore now through February 11, The Floor is on display at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery show at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute. Drop by and let us know how those little people are holding up. Ba-dump-bump. [My Modern Met via Laughing Squid]

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