Xbox Companion App For WP7 Drops Tomorrow

The new Xbox dashboard design isn't the only thing arriving tomorrow. Also scheduled for release is the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone, which, among other things, will endow Xbox owners with remote-control capabilities.

Using the gaming controller for entertainment purposes on the Xbox is kind of clunky and awkward. Dropping money on the media remote is a purchase no one wants to make, so a remote app for Windows Phone makes total sense. People can directly search for files, TV shows and movies, as well as navigate through the Xbox UI.

If someone is watching video or listening to music on their Xbox, they can open up the app and gather up more information about the source material providing sensory delight. If you want to look something up using Bing, you can search on your phone and have it appear on your TV. And of course, they can still keep tabs on their gaming buddies, even while away from their beloved console. [Microsoft via Major Nelson]

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