Windows 8 Photo Password Is Awesome

Windows 8 Photo Password Is Awesome

You know Windows 8 is destined to have some sweet password management, but turns out it’s even better than we expected. Details have emerged that Microsoft is superceding the traditional words and numbers password to let you create passwords based on photos.

The login password mechanic will work like this. You pick a photo you’re fond of that will double as your device’s lock screen. You then create your own gestures over the photo to create a password.

For example, you could tap one person’s nose, then circle another person’s head, then draw a line from one hand to another. The password will recognise not only what you do, but where you do it, and will require all components to be repeated in order to work.

It’s not completely replacing the alphanumeric password. If you fail the picture password five times you’ll need to enter the written password to continue. Similarly, it won’t be available for remote logins.

But it’s still a great enhancement of security for computers in general, and showcasing yet another reason why Windows 8 is going to be awesome.

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