When Dell Kills Off Netbooks, You Know It's Bad

Netbooks? They're already dead to us. But that hasn't stopped manufacturers churning them out. Now Dell has announced that it's killing them off — a sure sign they're done.

Let's face it: Dell might sell a lot of computers — hey, even discontinued ones to the US government! — but it's hardly revolutionary.

Now, Dell has announced that it's through with netbooks and has already stopped selling their Inspiron Minis. It also has no intention of releasing new netbooks based on Intel's forthcoming Cedar Trail platform. In other words, it is done with the category.

And when a company as far from the cutting-edge as Dell announces that it's pulling out of the netbook game, it means that the breed of underpowered computers is officially dead. Gone. Forgotten forever. Don't be sad though — they were always crap anyway.

Speaking to The Verge, Dell's Marketing Director Alison Gardner was clear about their strategy for the future: "Thin and powerful is where it is at for us." Notice how she didn't use the word "ultrabook"? Well done, Dell! You're going up in my estimations. [Liliputing via The Verge]



    Hopefully, the government stops giving out these POSes to students. Seriously, Adobe Acrobat Pro X (what .pdf textbooks are supposed to open with) just doesn't work on a celeron chip that's clocked slower than some phones these days.

    i love my netbook, dont leave me :'(

    WIn8 turned my Atom powered netbook into something quite usable. A netbook running Android would probably be quite good, too, although let's be honest, a netbook is still far more useful than any tablet running trimmed down OSs like Android and iOS. I'd take mine over an iPad every time, even if it wasn't half the price for twice the storage (which it was).

    I want to get an netbook but they all lack ssd, they all try to be the highest amount of memory, defeating the purpose of netbooks. Im planning to import the latest hp mini from the us, the only one that satisfied what i need a netbook for (except ssd)

    Netbooks were, are and will continue to be well placed for their particular niche. I suspect that Dell's only getting out of the game because ASUS and HP are kicking their arses in this category.

    There's still nothing better for cheap, simple, portable computing. Emphasis on cheap.

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