What The Hell Were These Architects Thinking?

These luxury residential towers, set to be completed in Seoul in 2015, are supposed to be evocative of a pixelated cloud floating overhead. But to be honest, the only thing they remind me of is September 11. How did no one cry foul?

From higher angles, the 10-storey tall pixelated cloud structure that connects the two 300m+ towers certainly looks more whimsical, as I'm sure the architects at MVRDV intended it to be. But most people will be viewing it looking up from ground level. And I'm afraid from that angle it's very reminiscent of the images and events that were seen around the entire world on September 11, 2001. So I'm not really sure how the eerie similarities weren't spotted before this design was approved.

When it's completed in Seoul's Yongsan business district, The Cloud will feature luxury residential spaces, a conference centre, hotel, fitness facilities, restaurants, as well as public and private park space and gardens. All of which I'm sure will be lovely on the inside. But from where I'm sitting, it looks like a horrible memory. [MVRDV via designboom]


    100% agree

      2 square towers side by side, must be 11/9 (yeah that's right, I used the Normal method of showing the date)

    Some people see an explosion others see a tree. I guess it depends on where your heads at.

    I thought it was a picture of 9/11 before I read the title

    Maybe, just maybe, not everyone in the world is American. As much as Americans would like to believe that everyone shared their pain, the rest of the world has their own lives to get on with. This US-centric attitude is why America is held in such low esteem by the rest of the world. Get over yourselves.


        I do not think folks should worship the US at all. However, have some sensitivity. I think we "horrible" Americans helped liberate the Netherlands, and defend S. Korea. We still have troops protecting S. Korea, and pay most of the freight for NATO, so maybe a little sensitivity might be nice. I also think Aussies, Brits, S. Koreans, Indians, et al were all killed on 9/11. May God Bless Australia, Hasta Dave

        Strongly Agree!

      ^^^^double this^^^^

        PS: I am 47 and out of shape, but were Australia to be attacked I would be willing to jump on the first plane down. I would hope some of you would do the same for the U.S. What if they were building a replica of the Bali bar...

      Triple This

      ^^^quadruple this^^^

      Welcome to Earth, America. You're not alone.

      Dude. Well said but seriously. They look like two skyscrapers exploding or being demolished. Admit it.

        How is that a bad thing? They're making a functional building that looks like it's exploding......AWESOME.

      Well said.
      Saved me from writing it out.

      " But from where I’m sitting, it looks like a horrible memory. "
      You'd be sitting where exactly? The U.S ? hmmm?? The world is a much bigger place than that.

        The Nazis only exterminated Jews in Europse.

        Does that mean it doesn't matter to non-Europeans?

        You keep talking about the world being a big place and we're all part of it. Yes, we are. Including America. Have some freaking respect.

          Well, i only said it was a big world once. Respect has nothing to do with my statement.
          But now that you mention it, how about the author having some respect for the architects and residents of countries outside of the US?
          Not everyone sees phantom 9/11 events in everything they see.
          Oh and the swastika is NOT a nazi symbol. Look that up. They simply mirror reversed it as a perversion of it's original intent.
          But then again, what the hell are you banging on about Nazis for? It's not like an architect has designed a building to look like a gas chamber now is it?

          Way to pull the cheap, manipulative Holocaust card dude.

    It's not being built in the US so what's the problem? Contrary to most American's opinion that they are the leaders of the world, other countries can do what they like. If Americans don't like it then they can refrain from going there. Don't expect South Korea to take any notice of your outrage.

      Shane, they can build what they like, but as South Korea is an ally to the US it is somewhat naive and distastesful.

        Jono, in the pragmatic world that we live in you are most likely correct. In my (arguably imaginary) world allies aren't people to be afraid of offending, those people are called enemies.

        Distasteful is not a reason to expect this to not go ahead. I like and am interested in most articles on this blog but I find the American gun and weapons wank that occasionally appears distasteful. I'm sure people who have been unfortunate enough to experience gun violence would feel the same. Although I find it distasteful, I assume there must be some others that don't and I accept it. Maybe offended Americans could adopt a similar philosophy?

      It wasn't just an American incident, there were actually 28 people from South Korea killed.

        WOW, my god isn't a human life valuable enough to us as a species that we can't mourn the loss without dividing them into us and them.

    Wow, imagine having an apartment there with a glassed in hole in the floor. The 20+ storey view straight down would be heart stopping.

    Even with the 9/11 reference they just look damn ugly.

      without I meant.. (still need a recent post edit button)

        +1 for post editing, it can be very annoying kicking yourself after realising you made a silly error! Surely they could add a function for doing this that lasts until the page refreshes or something?

          +1 also. I think some places have a timeout? Like, you can edit your response for a few minutes or an hour? Or have I imagined that.

          I often find I think of something I'd like to add, and then if I really wanna say it I make a second comment but then that looks silly.

      Agree. Looks crap.

    I lost any real respect for the US when I heard about the nonsensical way they perceive their military to be the world police, but even I think this is a bit crass.! No way did the architect not see the similarity to 9/11. Having said that, the US can be a bit precious at times!

    It's called respect, you don't have to be in the same country to offer it. I remember when Turkey wanted to build a road near the Galipolli site Australians were up in arms. It's the same thing. I don't necessarily agree, but you can't blame the Americans for Gavin an issue with this

      LOL, Gavin will sort it out! (Auto-correct, eh?)

      When I was flicking through Giz the pic caught my eye, I was (initially) thinking it was some tribute to the WTC!

    Graphic designers have been photoshopping buildings in this 'pixel' style for years and years, now they're actually building one and people play the 9/11 card. Personally it reminds me of fungus growing on a tree.

    Honestly, I didn't see it at all. Everyone making a fuss could possibly chill out. I know it's difficult but chill in sets of three deep breaths. See? Stuff's ok.

    Paint under the balcony blue. Problem solved.

    America's just annoyed because people stopped putting up with it's bull. The towers look REALLY cool. And that's the extent of it.

    I don't see why Americans should make a big deal about it. Even if South Korea is an ally of the US, they approved this building out of their own interest and I'm sure that they, and the architects, meant no harm in designing and approving it. In my own opinion, I see this building as a really exotic and futuristic looking piece of work.

    Oh please. Sure, as Americans 9/11 has cut deep into our collective psyche and any imagery reminiscent of that day picks at an open wound. But these are not Americans building this and these are not Americans who will be living in it. They're Dutch and being built for Koreans in Korea. What arrogant new rule passed where global architecture must conform to the sensitivities of us Americans? Let this building stand as it is. I think it looks unique and interesting. This is not an intentional snub or mockery of American tragedy. This was an experiment in architecture. If it were being built in America, sure controversy would be justified. But this is a foreign land where our wounds are not necessarily theirs. No need to get so up in arms over something that clearly isn't meant to offend us, nor should it really.

    Lets start associating any image of two tall buildings that reminds us of 9/11 as something offensive.

    The same way we should all find cars in general offensive because people get hit and that is offending and I am sure you can all think of 1000 more examples.

    The world needs to move on, yes it happened it was a horrible event but its silly when an exotic building design becomes offensive, I for one think its a pretty cool design imagine living in the middle part!

    Wow, a lot of over sensitive douchesicles here in North America.. I apologize on their behalves. A bunch of dimwits who A) can't move on and progress with their lives (note that this does not mean forget, a point I am sure you will ignore when you flame me) and B) think the US is the center of the known and unknown universe.

    I hope they build the towers to piss you guys who are acting like assholes off. Maybe they will build them at Ground Zero so you can finally confront your feelings from something that happened OVER A DECADE AGO and start living lives that contribute something to the global society, instead of the wastes that you have been so far.

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