What Happened With The NBN This Week

What Happened With The NBN This Week

Conroy and Turnbull insult each other, Internode launches Fetch TV over the NBN and the Government plans to invest in education over the network. All this and more in this week’s NBN roundup.

• Conroy’s not a happy chappy. As if dropping the F-bomb wasn’t enough to make that point clear, this week the Comms minister has been on a rampage against the Productivity commission (who think the NBN needs more analysis before moving forward), the coalition’s NBN alternative. Turnbull naturally shot back something about wireless and billions of dollars. [SMH & Computerworld]

• The Government is going to drop $20 million on an online education centre, which will offer schools access to the vast archives of the ABC. It’s planned to launch later next year. [iTWire]

• Internal security controls on the NBN need some work, apparently. Good to know now, before too many people are signed up, I guess… [The Australian]

• Internode has launched FetchTV over the NBN, except without the whole multicast feature. Multicast will come to the NBN next year, but until then, Internode is playing around by reserving a section of NBN users bandwidth for the streaming video service. [iTWire]

• Bill Gates doesn’t know enough about the NBN to comment. How boring [SMH]