Watch The First Official Hobbit Trailer In HD!


    Just saw this moments before you guys posted it, It will be epic! thanks.

    It's good to see that movie cinemas are getting the hint and are showing 3D and 2D versions alongside each other at the same time.

      But they're shooting in 3D, not adding it after like a lot of movies are doing. Also the cameras they're using are top of line 3D cameras, he has a bunch of webisode things out on behind the scenes, where he explains the choice of shooting in 3D etc. Was rather interesting.

        Either way watching a 3D movie is like reading a a good book with bad grammar: It's still a good book with a good story but I have to try focus through the distractions to get the same enjoyment.

          Talk about judging a book by its cover, you should know better than that.

      You don't have to watch it in 3D.

      Besides, in 2027 when we finally have glasses free, non-vomit inducing 3D cinema technology, you can then enjoy The Hobit in all of it's glory rather than have some other Peter Jackson Wannabe convert it to 3D later on and ruin it.


      Forget the 3D; the big news here is that it's being shot at 48fps. That drastically reduces motion blur & judder, and greatly increases realism and immersion. It even makes the 3D easier on your eyes!

    I gave up half way through he book because of all those stupid dwarf names.. glad to see then sending it up in the trailer..

    so keeen!

    Dec 2012... really. another whole year..... cant wait.

    Might have to go look at those webisodes showing the behind the scenes, because in LOTR they used a lot of camera tricks instead of post production to make the hobbits look smaller (the first scene with Frodo and Gandalf on the cart was done but having Elija Wood sitting way back on a cart that got progressivly larger to throw off perspective, but with 3D they cant do that.

    Yes they can still do that.

    Also, the video is taken down :( SAAAAD FACE!!!

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