Watch Apple’s Ghostbusters Do Battle With IBM

Watch Apple’s Ghostbusters Do Battle With IBM

I wish Apple still made ads like this Ghostbusters-possessed creation from 1984. The modern ones, while obviously very good at contributing to Apple’s bottom line, just seem so sterile in comparison.

Apple’s enemy in this clip is “Blue”, an older moniker for IBM (and mostly retired, with the exception of a certain chess-playing supercomputer). Watch as the former company’s posse blasts the latter’s apparently underwhelming and uncool gear, transforming it into boxes filled with Macintoshes.

The proton packs are shaped like Macs, which explains their transmogrifying abilities, and also enhance the wearer’s ability to make pull a variety of entertaining grimaces, at the cost of moving perpetually in stop motion.

I don’t know about you, but I completely forgot how damn catchy the Ghostbusters theme is.

[YouTube, via DVICE]