Ambulance Victoria Launches iPhone App To Save Lives

Most people aren't really up to speed on the intricacies of CPR, which is problematic if they're ever faced with needing to deliver it. But thanks to Victoria Ambulance there is, as the saying goes, now an app for that.

Don't for a second think that this app is a way of avoiding doing a first aid course - it's not, in any way shape or form. But given that the sooner somebody starts CPR the higher the chances of survival are, having an app on your phone to guide you through an extremely stressful situation could be well worth the free download.

The app lists four basic steps to help keep someone alive in an emergency. It also includes some basic children's games to help educate kids on preventing life threatening situations.

If you aren't all that well versed on the intricacies of CPR, you should probably download it. Just in case...

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