US FDA Approves Silver Bullet For Hangovers

It's 1pm. You're still in bed, having already muttered some lame excuse to your boss as to why you aren't in at work today, chugged a litre of water, half a bottle of aspirin, AND JUGS OF COFFEE but no dice. When all else fails, this new cure might help.

The new wunderpill has been approved by the US Federal Drug Administration and is dubbed Blowfish by its creator, Brenna Haysom. It contains a full gram of aspirin, 120mg of caffeine and two tablets of antacid. It won't save you from the bad choices you make while hammered (she had all her teeth last night, what gives?) but it will save you from the hangover to come. And hey, if anything, it's better than Stevie Ray Vaughn's hangover cure: a gram of blow (just the coke, not the fish) in a rocks glass of whiskey.

[Washington Post]

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