Turning Every Logo Into Comic Sans Is The Best Worst Idea

Oh, Comic Sans. You're so approachable, so childlike, so human and... so disgustingly awful. As an eye gouge for many, the favouritest font of horrible rich people and vision vomit for the rest of us, Comic Sans should die 2136 times and then be wiped from our memories. OR SHOULD IT!? The Comic Sans Project hilariously flips famous logos into the deepest pits of font hell.

We live in a world where too many people use Comic Sans without knowing how many people they're pissing off. So let's piss off everyone! UNITE PEOPLE. We can make Comic Sans the new Helvetica. Check out more logos set in Comic Sans at The Comic Sans Project. [The Comic Sans Project via Laughing Squid]

Here's a perfect example of how Comic Sans would work in our NCSWO (New Comic Sans World Order). The blue screen of death which represents failure would double down on itself by using Comic Sans on their font. For people who hate the font, it pisses 'em off even more. For people who use the font because they think it looks 'cute', they'll become more understanding of computer failure! Double down on the fail for the win.

Sorta's Simpsons meets Star Wars here but I'm not going to say anything because for all we know, George Lucas will make this kind of switch in the next box set.

HA HA TUMBLR. You hip and cool and with it bastard, wear the scarlet letter of Comic Sans and see how hip and cool and with it you are now!

Kanye West pants just exploded.

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