This $US860 LED Desk Lamp Will Run For Almost Forty Years

Like father like son. If you thought James Dyson's vacuums were expensive, his son wants you to pony up almost $US860 for an LED desk lamp that promises over 37 years of illumination thanks to space-age heatsink technology.

With a design inspired by construction cranes, the CSYS LED Task Light from Jake Dyson can be adjusted in three axes creating a focused spotlight of illumination when it's lowered, or a large pool of light when it's raised. While touch sensitive dimmer controls let the brightness be controlled even further.

It also borrows heat pipe technology developed for use in satellites and microprocessors to passively conduct heat away from the LEDs, distributing it over the lamp's boom arm which serves to dramatically prolong the life of the bulbs. I'm a big fan of his dad's vacuums and don't mind the premium price tag they carry, but I'm not so sure I can justify spending this much for Jake's desk lamp that's just going to sit there reminding me that I'll probably be gone before it is. [Jake Dyson via Chip Chick]


    $860 bloody hell, you would have to be throw away money rich for this thing. Most common led lams will last at least ten years or more at a tenth the cost, just by three of em and put two aside!

    .. but will it blend?

      More importantly... Will it float!?? doesnt actually power itself...just has a fancy cooling system to prolong life? I'll buy 16 normal ones thanks, and have change for dozens of long life bulbs.


      Classy. So you finish off a perfectly reasonable post with a useless homophobic (or just lazy) remark. Truly classy.

    how much are iphones worth these days?
    how long do they last?

      I see where you're going, but I think a $860 smartphone does a little more than light up a desk :)

      This Louis Vuitton suitcase costs $21,000....but so does a car, so its ok ;)

    I would want this to have a self contained power source for this price...

    Sure 1000 for a vacuum cleaner, but similar money for a lamp... ok..
    (Then again ,what in the vacuum is original, haven't industrial vacuums used the cyclonic effect for generations.)

    Then, the price for the ring blower thing, that dyson(TM) didn't even invent is also ridiculous.... Ok one can stick their arm through the fan, but why would you want to....
    This really should be noted on n art site, then they may get the asking price.

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