This Self-Powered Bike Trailer Frees The Lazy

You can pretend you bought it for exercise, or as an eco-friendly means of transport. But deep down, everyone with a bike secretly wishes it was a motorcycle. And with this $US700 trailer, it kind of can be.

While it looks like a regular bike trailer chock full of granola bars and organic food, you'll also find a compact electric motor and battery inside the Ridekick. So instead of making your ride more difficult with added weight to pull, it can actually push a bike up to 30km/h for around 13-20km on a full charge.

It's also an easy way to add an electric motor to a bike with minimal modifications. The hitch assembly only takes about 12 minutes to install, and after that the trailer can be attached and removed in a mere 15 seconds. And while it's easy to scoff at the $US700 price tag while sitting comfortably in front of your computer, it will probably seem like a steal the next time you're labouring your way up a hill on your two-wheeler. [Ridekick via Inhabitat]


    That is an awesome idea! Only problem is that once it gets to OZ. The OZ tax will make it about $1500. Want one of these.

    to me that is a solution looking for a problem. you know you could stop being a lazy ass and actually build up the strength to ride up hills its not that hard plus it wont cost you $US700.

    There are easier and cheaper bike modifications around that will do the same thing too. Google is your friend.

      Actually in Sydney this is a pretty big problem, since most of our roads aren't flat. I can actually see this encouraging people to use more bicycles in here in NSW.

      Or people can get a real motorcycle *zooms off*

    Yes I am a tubby ba$%^rd, but I am working on it (new years resolution and all that) so am planning on riding to work, Logan to Brisbane City which is a long freakin way for someone who hasn't exercised regularly for a while. This would cut my bus expenses in half (I only plan to ride in one day and out the next catching the bus in between).

    It also has a good size water proof storage compartment for clothes. I'd buy one if they were available here.

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