This Knockoff Watch Is So Good, It Won An Award

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this falsified Fortis watch is pure adulation. Bet you can't spot the fake.

The original Fortis-B-47 Calculator watch, which retails for $US3,950, is swanky but expensive -- self-winding movement, water resistant to 660 feet, stainless steel construction, the works. The counterfeit -- by Digital Time Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand -- is identical save for a few minute, albeit expensive, details. It lacks glow-in-the-dark face paint, has buffed rather than brushed crowns, and uses incorrect temperature unit symbols. "The expensive details are left out, but the first impression is the same," says Christine Lacroix, managing director of Museum Plagiarius Solingen.

The forgery was so good that it earned the Special Award for a Falsification in the museum's annual Plagiarius Awards. If you haven't yet spotted the fake -- difficult, I know -- it's on the right. Or is it the one on the left? [Museum Plagiarius Solingen via Neatorama]


    I would have thought the difference in crown sizes would have been the dead giveaway provided you knew what an original looked like? Theres also a difference in the triangle marker at the top of the bezel and the band links appear more rounded on the edges on one of the them.

    I have seen some brilliant copies on my travels in Asia, gotta wonder why people pay such huge money for a branded watch.

      Well really being self winding, water resistant to the rated depth and the glow in the dark face etc are all good practical features you'd want from a decent watch.

      Obviously branned watch by a pop-fasion label like Prada or Gucci or whatever is just going to be basically the same as any fake - just a simple flashy batter powered standard watch. But genuine items by real watchmakers actually make good practical items that'll last you 40 years +

        But nobody wears watches these days apart from my grandpa :p

        It takes me all of 1 second to pull out my phone to check the time, probably less. I don't get why I should carry around a dedicated device. Unless you're a diver or you particularly enjoy sticking your watch in a bucket of water before you check the time, they're useless and do nothing that couldn't be done by a smartphone.

          Damn no edit button. Change "useless" to "redundant".

            sometimes it's nice to have a bit of class.

    and the knockoff is filled with chinese characters all around the face. (Really noticeable between the 11 and the 12 positions)

    The one on the left looks far more eye pleasing and "wow".

    The one on the right just looks busy.

    Then again if they weren't next to each other I probably wouldn't of picked it.

    I love the Baby Monitor, as a new mum I do appreciate knowing my baby is content and asleep.

    Easy to spot, but still very nicely done

    Why can't Fake makers, actually Buy one of the real things (rather than going off some dodgy sketch of the thing..) then Make the fake to actually LOOK the same as the real thing....

    I would think that at least Geometric similarity (and colour matching) is important, sure fill the fake with lead to make it the same weight as the gold filled one, and use a cheap quartz action (or better still microprocessor) instead of the expensive mechanical....

    BUT if you DO pay $100 for a fake $3000 watch don't expect it to work after going to the beach.

    I too use a phone for a watch, but the good thing about a watch is that if you don't get around to charging it every week (or daily for the iPhone 4 users.) it will still tell the time. WHy don't smart phones just have a thin solar panel on the back, so you can leave them on the windowsill and it charges automatically....(The charge electronics are in the phone already) (Patent pending) Like Some calculators from the 80s and 90s

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