This Is Why You Should Never Share Your Twitter Password

This past Friday, I mentioned that I was trying to get the new Twitter web client. My colleague and noted internet deviant Mat Honan graciously offered to pop in the workaround for me if I'd send him my password. I was in a rush to get to a meeting, so unaccountably, I agreed. Big mistake.

Here are some of the highlights to the twisted horror show that follows when you give your Twitter password to a terrible internet troll -- and then remind him that he hasn't changed your password just yet.

View the story "Kyle's Honan Hack Twitter Adventure" on Storify]

And the worst part? I still don't have newnew Twitter.



    Shouldnt he be banned or something?
    i dont use twitter so i wouldn't know.

    you can't leave your mobile phone in the tea room at work for this exact reason.

    Who's Rick Perry?

      Try google?

      His running for 2012 Republic President. His pretty bad, cant answer questions right and so on. He claims theres no such thing as global warmings even though his state Texas has having serious droughts and experienced worst bush fires on record this year! His the governor of Texas by the way.

      Ok i didn't do my research properly but correct me if i'm wrong.

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