This Dining Table Needs To Be Mowed

Every meal can be a picnic in the park with this Chia Pet meets Ikea picNYC Table sprouting a healthy growth of grass. You'll probably miss the fresh air — but not the bugs, off-leash dogs, and misdirected frisbees.

It was created as a one-off concept by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten to celebrate the trend of urban farming. But instead of a roof-top garden or a window box, the table puts nature front and centre in your dining room.

Made from bent aluminium it's obviously deep enough to grow grass, but why not vegetables if urban farming is it's raison d'être? At the least a row of fresh herbs sprouting down the middle would be a lovely addition to any kitchen. Or a flower centrepiece growing right in front of your dinner guests. [Haiko Cornelissen Architecten via Architizer]

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