Thinksound MS01 Are Stunning Wooden In Ear Headphones

Whether it's the guilt from years of environmental damage from gadget obsession or just the fact that the product photography is so good, but I've decided that the thinksound ms01 in-ear headphones are now officially on my wishlist.

Thinksound have made their name by creating quality earphones using recycled wood and aluminium, and the ms01 are the first product from the new monitoring series, which were supposedly created in conjunction with some unnamed musicians and producers to create a superior sound. Each earbud is powered by a small 8mm speaker driver, with passive noise isolation buds (in a range of sizes) work with the wooden body to create a solid sound.

Given the quality of the last pair of thinksound headphones we checked out, it's probably a safe bet that these will be worth every cent of the $119 RRP when they launch next week.

[Noisy Motel]

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